GRUSH $1,500 BUSD Early Bird Contest

The challenge

Building an NFT gaming community is a fun but challenging task. One has to take into account the number of NFT games which are already out there. The good thing is, GRUSH-FI NFT game has its unique features and strengths which most games out there do not have.


GRUSH-FI combines many different core features which makes it a prime competitor in the NFT gaming space:

  • Sustainable Economy & Tokenomics.
  • Fun, Exciting & Profitable BNB Mining Game.
  • Automated NFT Farming for passive income with 5 years tokens emission.
  • The first BNB rewards AutoSwap feature which maintains the value of all players rewards no matter how long they keep rewards in-game.
  • Beautiful Artwork.
  • Great and responsible Team.
  • And much more!

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GRUSH FINANCE community manager. I also have a background on blogging about crypto, DEFI and various Fin-Tech fields.