⚒️Until now, here is what the team has been doing:

  • Our developers have been working hard in order to deliver a stable BETA test
  • Establishing relationships between partnerships and investors
  • 1st phase of marketing: South East Asia Marketing run focused on the Philippines and Vietnam.
  • Artwork and character animation. We will start animating our NFT cards, this will be completed within the month of June for all characters (2star and above). Here is a sneak peek =)
Carla animated Farmer NFT

🚀In June we will kickstart many exciting things:

  • Finish all the animation for our NFTs
  • Finish our code and submit it to audit
  • Team KYC with auditor
  • Start AMA run with many high quality reputable groups
  • Launch Private Presale A
  • Start BETA testing for $GRUSH game for those who participated in Private Presale A
  • Get ready for Private Presale B with Whitelist community contest
  • Open BETA test V2 for all presale participants.
  • Fix bugs and design flaws.
  • Launch IDO Whitelist event with 800 BNB Hard Cap!!!



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GRUSH FINANCE community manager. I also have a background on blogging about crypto, DEFI and various Fin-Tech fields.